CISA is Back

The controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) has returned to congress and, if ratified, it promises sweeping new powers of government to spy on Americans in the name of protecting Americans from hacking. In recent days, companies behind major platforms (Apple, DropBox, Yelp, reddit, Twitter, Wikimedia) have issued statements speaking out against the bill.

Other companies negotiating through an alternate group called the Computer and Communications Industry Association that represents their interests (namely Google, Facebook, and Yahoo) have voiced concerns in this alternate venue, in order to be part of the discussion instead of outright denying the efficacy of the bill.

Placing heavy emphasis on the value of expertise, Senator Ron Wyden (D.-Oregon) added that the sheer quantity of tech companies standing up to this bill is a testament to the way in which the bill lacks privacy safeguards.

In an effort to drastically expand evaluation of this law, even before its implementation, Individuals can represent themselves in this dialogue by signing up to petition CISA here:


The Washington Post: Apple and DropBox say they’re against a key cybersecurity bill, days before a crucial vote


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