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Net Neutrality Could Be Challenged On Dec. 4


On Dec. 4 a federal appeals court in Washington will hear arguments over the Obama administration’s net neutrality rule. This upcoming hearing may unravel the FCCs 3-2 vote that placed strong net neutrality protections essentially saying internet service providers could not block websites or impose limits on users.

Even though President Obama endorsed what is being called “net neutrality,” broadband providers like Verizon Communications and AT&T filed federal lawsuits causing a Federal Appeals court to strike down the FCC implemented regulations. Since this motion on January 14, 2014 the Obama Administration has worked endlessly alongside the FCC to enact stronger net neutrality rules in February 2015 “so the next Google and the next Facebook can succeed.”

On Friday, Dec. 4 the FCC’s most recent set of rules safeguarding Internet neutrality will be challenged in the U.S. Appeals Court for the D.C. Circuit. The hearing will last for 2-hours and 20-minutes during which time three judges will hear oral arguments before ruling in favor or against the February FCC rule. If the judges are against the ruling it could lead to Internet providers favoring some websites over others for access and speed because they are capable of paying more.

Check out the details for the hearing here and the timeline for net neutrality here.

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