Fortune 500 Tech Companies Back Domain Registrars Against Piracy Claims


The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which represents global brands like Microsoft and Facebook is currently urging the U.S. government not to place domain registrars on the piracy-facilitating markets lists. The yearly compiled lists highlights online companies and entities that pose a potential threat to copyright industries.

According to TorrentFreak, several copyright holder groups submitted their overviews of notorious markets to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR). Typically the list includes sites like Pirate Bay and Torrentz, but because the MPAA and RIAA have continued to pressure industry leaders, domain name registrars have been identified as possible piracy facilitators. Considering the political implications that could impact the architecture of the Internet holistically, the CCIA submitted the following statement:

“CCIA is deeply concerned with comments requesting that domain registrars be branded as ‘notorious markets’ and included on USTR’s list of notorious markets,” the group writes. “Domain registrars are not notorious markets.”

Aside from the inclusion of domain registrars on piracy list, the MPAA and RIAA noted that third party “service providers [like Cloudflare] should play a more active role in countering online piracy.” CCIA feels this move would push the industry towards another SOPA issue, which could interfere with Internet infrastructure.

To get the full story following the link.

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