Anti-Cyberviolence Push

The United Nations report on cyberviolence against women and girls called on the governments of nations to censor the internet. Following widespread criticism and mockery however, the report was withdrawn for revision. The new hashtag the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) created to spread the concept even further remained scheduled to launch on October 9th 2015.

39 supporters agreed to pledge their support by joining the Twitter campaign asking “What impact does online violence have on women and girls?” #TakeBackTheTech is supposed to be mass-posted in this regard. The tweet links back to the IGF’s website, where interested parties are encouraged to submit input on a “draft document on ‘Online Violence Against Women and Girls’ from the IGF’s Best Practices Forum.”

Unfortunately, the IGF’s definition of cyberviolence is just as shaky as that of the United Nations. It lists cyber bullying and privacy violations as emerging forms of violence.  They also call for national governments, civil society advocates, international organizations, and the academic community to join in on the fight.

Despite the best efforts of the UN and the IGF, unfortunately the word cyberviolence has already become a joke on social media. A Twitter search for the term results in ridicule and many memes making fun of the hashtag have already been created.  If the UN wants to make sure that people are aware of online violence against women, they are going to have to do a better job at proofreading and editing their reports.



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