The World at Your Fingertips…Literally

Rob Lovitt from NBC News reported on travel applications that all the wanderlusts and mile collectors access to the globe from the comfort of their own home when they’re not wandering the Brazilian rainforests or walking along the Great Wall. Thanks to the internet, “innovative travel apps are giving smart-phone-toting travelers inside information with a tap and a swipe.”

Smart phones have become the center of people’s lives. At any age, they are always on their phone, walking down the sidewalk, going up an escalator, or just sitting on their couches. Internet connection allows them to use these devices to interact with other people, find their way around, deposit checks, and do almost anything that requires a signal.

Recent developments in geolocation has made it even easier to use your phone for online bookings. “During a recent Internet day-of-stay search for Seattle hotels, for example, the best rate on the Alexis hotel was $265. The non-GeoRate on HotelTonight was $189, while enabling geolocation brought it down to $171.” This allows for flexibility and ease of booking things on demand. People can book hotels, flights, and rental cars right from their phones.

Even when travel lovers go abroad, granted they have a signal, they can use geolocation for local discovery. “The GoDiscover app (Android only), for example, lets users peruse photos of nearby attractions, swiping right to save the ones they’re interested in (or left to discard), and then aggregating the results to create a route for efficient navigation.”

GeoSure, an (iPhone-only) app launched earlier this year, aggregates data from hundreds of sources, including the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control and local databases on crime and other hazards to rate destinations on six safety and security categories. This can be helpful for the cautious traveler.

There are a wide range of travel related apps and these are only increasing. Phocuswright’s Quinby believes the phone to be an opportunity for companies to put the traveler in control of their own experiences. The goal is to empower them to have the experience they want to have on their own terms. Thanks to the internet, this is something that is only growing.



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